Boogie Cartel – Get Down mix

Dj: Boogie Cartel Area: London Genre: Funk / Disco
The Boogie cartel, brings in the new year with a fresh mix to shake off  your NYE hangovers. First friday of the year, lets see how many resolutions Read the rest of this entry »

ABC Music Podcast – December

Dj:ABC Djs Area: Amsterdam Genre: Deep House
The discovery this year of  the ABC Collective from Amsterdam, have made our year here at Downlow lots more interesting! The third instalment
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Charlie McFarley – Deep Disco Digging Vol. 1

Dj: Charlie McFarley Area: London Genre: Soul/Disco
Coming straight from the gutters of Hackney, East London, Charlie has been DJ’ing, Collecting vinyl and promoting parties since 1997. Cutting his

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Greg Wilson – Early 80′s Floorkillers

Dj: Greg Wilson Area: London Genre: Disco-Soul
Greg is the Daddy. And in this Podcast he takes us through the tracks that were at the front of his record bag (or probably his tape reels) back in
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Dj Alpheus – Soul Train Sessions

Dj: Alpheus  Area: London Genre: Soul-Disco
It has been a while since Alfie was on The Downlow Radio. In this show Alfie changes tack from his usual Deep House style, to some classic Disco
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Maurice Fulton – Bubble Tease Series #5

Dj: Maurice Fulton Area: Sheffield Genre: Disco
Our monthly instalment of Mauriceness is here, with all the usual panache and playfulness. Who else would mix disco and Dub-techno, well
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Bill Brewster – Blue Eyed Soul Series #2

Dj: Bill Brewster Area: London Genre: Soul
Here is the exclusive second part of the Soul series from Mr Brewster for the Downlow. In this show we move on to the smoother sound of the
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Luke Howard – 2 Step “Blue Eyed Soul”

Dj: Luke Howard Area: London Genre: Soul
When I was about 13 I remember getting a shock when my friend’s dad bust out Chuck E’s In Love over his reggae sound system. A lot of these
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David George – A DJ’s Life # 16

Dj: David George Area: London Genre: Soul/R&B/Disco
It’s been a while since I’ve posted a show, but I’m back from the Abyss with a vengeance. After visiting relatives at Grey Gardens for a while…for a long Read the rest of this entry »

Bill Brewster – Soul Series – “The Blues”

Dj: Bill Brewster  Area: London Genre: Blue Eyed Soul
Dj, Promoter and dance music historian, Bill Brewster comes to the Downlow with an exclusive two part series dedicated to “Blue Eyed
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