The Boogie Cartel – Cookin’ On Soul

Dj: Boogie Cartel Area: London Genre: Soul/2Step/Disco
A blissed out selection of uptown Soul and downtown Boogie gems, perfect for those long summer days that roll into nights and anything seems
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Digs and Woosh – Live @ NYC Downlow 2013

Dj :D igs&Woosh Area: Nottingham Genre: Disco
The coupling of the NYC Downlow and DiY….what can i say, is an arranged marriage made in Tranny heaven, as you will notice from this recording,
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Gideon – Slow Jams # 21

Dj: Gideon Area: London Genre: Slow Jams
Welcome to Slow Jams 21……..It’s been too long since the last instalment. Sorry. Life got in the way….There is now a waiting list of Slow Jams
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Ben Tidy – A Mixtape

Dj: Ben Tidy Area: London Genre: Soul/Disco
Ben Tidy is one half of production outfit “souled,” who run and release records on their Fresh Minute Music record label. You will find Ben selling
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Nacho – The Bestival Mix

Dj: Nacho Area: London Genre: Disco/House
I’ve tried to recreate the improvised set i did at Maceo’s this last Bestival, but my age and all the self-medication dont help with my memory and
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Ben Dorling @ NYC Downlow

Dj: Ben Dorling Area: London Genre: Disco/Soul
Ben is that beautiful exception of a soundman with impecable music taste, that is why the soundsystem at Downlow sounds so Fat! Ben is an
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MrSolid Gold & Park Ranger @ NYC Downlow

Dj: Mr Solid Gold & Park Ranger Area: London Genre: Disco/House
The Trouble Vision residents opened the NYC Downlow on Friday night and did a good job getting the juices going, as the trannies start warming
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Luke Howard – Live @ NYC Downlow 2013

Dj: Luke Howard Area: London Genre: Disco
Luke rules the House of NYC Downlow like the fierce mother that she is. Not only that but her flair for mixing classic disco and sending the dancefloor
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The Boogie Cartel – Downlow Mix

Dj: Boogie Cartel Area: London Genre: Funk / Disco
The Boogie Cartel boys played a wicked extended set for us at Maceo’s, the crew bar and while we wait for all those recordings to be edited we thought
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James Hillard – Live at Glastonbury 2011

Dj: James Hillard Area: London Genre: Disco
NYC Downlow and Horsemeat Disco have gone hand in hand from their humble beginnings, and this mix recorded at last glastos represents quite
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