Greg Belson – NYC Downlow 2015

Dj: Greg Belson Area: Los Angeles Genre: Gospel Disco
 We are certainly blessed to have Mr Belson come and play his Unique collection of records at the Downlow every year, with new amazing belters
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Luke Howard @ NYC Downlow 2015

Dj: Luke Howard Area: London Genre: Disco
Mother of the NYC Downlow House, Luke Howard, who as its tradition now, plays the closing set at the NYC Downlow on Sunday night. Bringing the
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Matt Pond – Live @ Genosys 2015

Dj:Matt Pond (DeepSystems) Area: Brighton Genre: Deep House
First of the Block9 at Glastonbury 2015 mixes to be posted, this is a top notch Deep House selection from Mr Pond, bringing out some gems rarely
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Ralph Payne – One Nite at Life Bar

Dj: Ralph Payne Area: London Genre: House/Disco
After a long silence Ralph comes back to the Downlow Radio and pulls all the classics out of the bag for a summery sweatdown that will have you Read the rest of this entry »

Boogie Cartel – Dusk Till Dawn Mixtape

Dj: Boogie Cartel Area: London Genre: Boogie/2Step/Disco
This guys surely know how to boogie and dig out the gems from the 80s and 90s. This is the kind of stuff that they usually rock Maceo’s with
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Paper Recordings – Spring Podcast

Dj: Ben Davis Area: London Genre: House
Paper Recordings remains one of the world’s best loved record labels after twenty years releasing it’s own brand of underground house and disco.
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Nicko Smith – Bodywork – Gym Induction

Dj:Nick Smith   Area: Bristol  Genre: Disco
First mix of Nicko for the Downlow and hopefully not the last. Nick co-runs the Bodywork parties in Bristol and judging by this mix, they are a blast!
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Nadean – Too Damn Hot

Dj: Nadean   Area: London   Genre: Soul/Funk
Nadean is a vinyl head with a penchant for old soul and Funk. This one is all about the ladies. Classic tales of heartache, lust, love, race & religion
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Grace – Lazyitis!!

Dj: Grace   Area: London   Genre: Boogie/Disco
Grace keeps airing her gems from the vaults, with a mix that comprises mainly tracks of a Boogie persuasion, but including some P-Funk and
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Nick Gynn – Live @ Maceo’s 2014

Dj: Nick Gynn Area: London Genre: Disco
Keeping those Maceo recordings flowing, here we have our friend Nick Gynn serving up a good dose of quality soulful music, making this crew
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