Acid House

Bruce Tantum – Native New Yorker

Dj: Bruce Tantum   Area: New York Genre: Classic House
Who better to do a classic New York House mix than music journo, dj, record fiend and all round lovely New Yorker man Mr Tantum. This is a history lesson Read the rest of this entry »

Guy Williams – Select Radio

Dj:Guy Williams Area: London Genre: House
Fierce, camp and on your face four to the floor, is what Mr Williams is bringing you here, with a mix packed with new tracks making the rounds
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Electronic Soul Presents: Hannah Holland

Dj: H.Holland  Area: London   Genre: House
 This mix is Hannah’s calling card. This mix screams “Ruude Girl” out loud, with horny vocals, acid basslines and gnarly kicks. If you ever need an
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Josh Caffe – Deep Dreaming #1

Dj: Josh Caffe Area: London Genre: House
 Start the year as we mean to go on. This mix is Deep indeed. Deep sound and deep digging. This mix aint new but we love the flair and style of it
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Mark E – Live @ Genosys 2015

Dj: Mark E   Area: London  Genre: House
Though Mark has been a friend of the NYC Downlow and Block9 for a long time this is the first upload from him. Mark knows how to push Genosys Read the rest of this entry »

Nick Navaro – Live @ Block9 2015

Dj: Nick Navaro Area: London Genre: Deep House
As one Glastonbury reveller posted on social media, “More hours spent dancing in The NYC Downlow in 3 nights than the entire time spent
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Matt Pond – Live @ Genosys 2015

Dj:Matt Pond (DeepSystems) Area: Brighton Genre: Deep House
First of the Block9 at Glastonbury 2015 mixes to be posted, this is a top notch Deep House selection from Mr Pond, bringing out some gems rarely
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Ralph Payne – One Nite at Life Bar

Dj: Ralph Payne Area: London Genre: House/Disco
After a long silence Ralph comes back to the Downlow Radio and pulls all the classics out of the bag for a summery sweatdown that will have you Read the rest of this entry »

Grace – Milkshake

Dj: Grace   Area: London   Genre: Acid House
In this difficult times Grace wants to remind you of the old DIY days and free parties in fields, where people stood up for their right to party and
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Paper Recordings – Spring Podcast

Dj: Ben Davis Area: London Genre: House
Paper Recordings remains one of the world’s best loved record labels after twenty years releasing it’s own brand of underground house and disco.
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