Hannah Holland / Josh Caffe – Genosys 2014

Dj: H.Holland/J.Caffe  Area: London Genre: House
The undefeated champions of Dalston’s Bass and House, and long time Block9 accomplices, deliver a storm of a set on the ear flapping Genosys
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Itchy Rich – The Slumbarave Years

Dj: Itchy Rich Area: London  Genre: House
According to Rich: “Slumbarave was the venue that hosted his first ever “Road To Nowhere” party, an afternoon disco haven from the swamp
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Detroit Swindle – Live @ Genosys 2014

Dj: Detroit Swindle Area: Amsterdam Genre: House
Detroit Swindle have taken over the House scene by storm in the last couple of years with their refreshing take on classic House and their
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Nick Navaro – Lovelee and Deep House

Dj: Nick Navaro Area: London Genre: Deep House
After spending the summer hopping around parties, clubs and festivals in Ibiza, Amsterdam and London, this mix reflects some of my deeper 
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Dj Pierre – Live @ Genosys 2014

Dj: Dj Pierre   Area: Chicago  Genre: Acid House
Here is DJ Pierre’s epic set, headlining the Genosys stage on the Saturday night of this years Glastonbury Festival. At times the recording gets a little crunchy but hey the set was such a killer that we had to post it.
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Darius – Concrete Foundation

Dj: Darius Area: Stroud Genre: WideScope Music
A “pre-Glastos” mix done on a sunny day for a sunny day, when its too hot for fast, slow the fuck down and chill… Quality crate digging on this magic
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Poty Pom Pom – Genero

Dj: Poty pom pom Area: Madrid Genre: House/Minimal
Second mix from Poty, who  hails from Madrid, where he is dedicated to inject the club scene with a bit of much needed class and deepness, as
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Placid – Acid Classics

Dj: Placid Area: Bristol Genre: Acid House
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Matt Pond – Downlow Sessions # 6

Dj:Matt Pond (DeepSystems) Area: Brighton Genre: Deep House
So here is number 6 in my Downlow mix tape series for your enjoyment! What to say about this mix.. Well is wasn’t pre planned (like many
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Dj Ken Vulsion – Black Door Mix (Part1)

Dj: Ken Woodark Area: San Francisco, CA Genre: House
There is just one story. The oldest…what’s that? Light vs dark (looks at starry sky). Well i know we aint in alaska but it seems to me that dark has
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