Damo – Live @ Glastonbury 2015

Dj: Damo Area: London Genre: Disco/Soul
Veteran NYC Downlow Dj Damo, played records at Maceos crew bar, at Glastonbury Festival this year on Sunday morning from 10:30 am onwards
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Greg Belson – NYC Downlow 2015

Dj: Greg Belson Area: Los Angeles Genre: Gospel Disco
 We are certainly blessed to have Mr Belson come and play his Unique collection of records at the Downlow every year, with new amazing belters
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Luke Howard @ NYC Downlow 2015

Dj: Luke Howard Area: London Genre: Disco
Mother of the NYC Downlow House, Luke Howard, who as its tradition now, plays the closing set at the NYC Downlow on Sunday night. Bringing the
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Darius Akashic – High Low & InBetween

Dj: Darius Area: Stroud Genre: WideScope Music
Darius has a shed. And where most people keep tools and fishing rods he keeps a sizeable collection of records, which he luckily blends together  Read the rest of this entry »

Nick Navaro – Live @ Block9 2015

Dj: Nick Navaro Area: London Genre: Deep House
As one Glastonbury reveller posted on social media, “More hours spent dancing in The NYC Downlow in 3 nights than the entire time spent
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Matt Pond – Live @ Genosys 2015

Dj:Matt Pond (DeepSystems) Area: Brighton Genre: Deep House
First of the Block9 at Glastonbury 2015 mixes to be posted, this is a top notch Deep House selection from Mr Pond, bringing out some gems rarely
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Grace – The Prodigal Sun

Dj: Grace Area: London Genre: Funk/Soul
Grace its back from her festival wanderings with a summery funky mix showing off her good taste and panache, taking us all to our African roots,
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Ralph Payne – One Nite at Life Bar

Dj: Ralph Payne Area: London Genre: House/Disco
After a long silence Ralph comes back to the Downlow Radio and pulls all the classics out of the bag for a summery sweatdown that will have you Read the rest of this entry »

Boogie Cartel – Dusk Till Dawn Mixtape

Dj: Boogie Cartel Area: London Genre: Boogie/2Step/Disco
This guys surely know how to boogie and dig out the gems from the 80s and 90s. This is the kind of stuff that they usually rock Maceo’s with
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Grace – Milkshake

Dj: Grace   Area: London   Genre: Acid House
In this difficult times Grace wants to remind you of the old DIY days and free parties in fields, where people stood up for their right to party and
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