Nacho – Urban Memories

Dj: Nacho Area: London Genre: House
This set is a mix of my memories of this year’s Glastonbury plus some sonic memories from Madrid.

1. Alena “Changes” (Ron Basejam mix)
2. The Shack “Touch it”
3. Recloose “Cardiology” (Isolee Remix)
4. The Deep “Love your Brother”
5. Hackman “Always”
6. Shortstuff “Tweaked”
7. Kode9 “You don’t wash”
8. Channel_X “Snug descent”
9. Azari & III “Hungry for the power”
10. L.B “Superbad” (Ray Mang re-edit)
11. Mavis feat Candi Staton “Revolution”
12. Dennis Brown “The Promised land”

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