Nacho – A Riot of Soul

Dj: Nacho Area: London Genre: Soul
Nacho gives us “A Riot of Soul” which is meant as a soothing poultice for the people of inner city England…

1. Ed Lewis and Missisipi penitentiary – I’d be so glad when the sun goes down
2. Saul Williams – Twice the first time
3. Esther Phillips – Use me
4. Charlie Whitehead & Swamp Dogg – Let’s Do It Again
5. Swamp Dogg – Sal A Faster
6. Horace Silver – Acid, Pot Or Pills
7. Marion Gaines Singers – Do Your Thing
8. Jaqui Verdell – We’re Gonna Have A Good Time
9. Howard Tate – She May Be White (But She Be Funky)
10. Wilson Pickett – Ninety One And A Half
11. Inez Foxx – Crossing Over The Bridge
12. Inez Foxx – Let Me Down Easy
13. Bettye Crutcher – A Little Bit More Wont Hurt
14. Bessie Jones – Go To Sleep Little Baby

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