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Dj: John Tripp Area: Los Angeles Genre: Funk/Soul
Please welcome John Tripp to the Downlow Radio. John lives in Los Angeles, California and has an amazing collection of vintage 45 vinyl singles.
He looks for warm sounds in music from all over the map: garage, library records, Nigerian, Turkish, what have you. He’s been playing vinyl only since he started in New Orleans in 1988, had a bi-weekly residency at the Standard Hotel in Los Angeles since 2003 and plays at the Cinespia cemetery screenings. Lately he’s been collecting American gospel and South American 45′s and he Dj’ed at John Waters’ 50th birthday party.

This set was recorded recently for the Cinespia cemetery screenings in Los Angeles, California.


1. Kold Duc – Evil Woman
2. Richard Blandon and the Dubs – Lost in the Wilderness
3. The Green Berets – Just an Ugly Rumor
4. Erkin Koray – Ve…
5. Monday Rain – It’s All Too Much
6. Chan and the Ohio Rhythm Makers – Ain’t It Good Y’all
7. Orchestre du Bawobab – Kelen Ati Len
8. The Exits – You Got to Have Money
9. Little Beaver – Funkadelic Sound
10. Bro. Sidney Harris – He Got His Eyes on You
11. Little Ed – It’s a Dream
12. Lucky Peterson – 1,2,3,4
13. Guitar Red – Share Your Love With Me
14. Hewitt – Is It Me Part 1
15. Darius – Hello Stranger

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