Gideon – Live at Trash City

Dj: Gideon Area: London Genre: Slow Jams / Soul
This mix was recorded live at the Roundhouse last weekend. There are some pretty shit mixes to be heard here but hey….who gives a F*!^K…not
me…There was booze involved OK!. Anyway these aren’t the usual tunes I would drop theses days but I felt I should play something “assessable”. I hate that term but the crowd was less anoracky and a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do …… was good to hear The Fog- “Been A Long Time” again though.That tune was my theme tune when I was a teenage DJ. I played it once at Heaven when it first came out…it rocked. For those of you wondering, the picture was taken at San Francisco pride ten years ago….was fucked up how much fun we had….dam.

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