Damo – Live @ Genosys

Dj: Damo Area: London Genre: Dope
Lets keep reminiscing back to Worthy Farm, with Damo’s top selection of tunes for the Genosys stage. What a pleasure it is to listen to your most
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Kristian Auth – I Keep Telling You

Dj: Kristian Auth Area: Berlin  Genre: Soul/Funk
As we are dedicated to bring you the best in black music, we couldn’t help but to publish here a mix (on vinyl 45s only!) by one of the main movers
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Fabio – Classic!!

Dj: Fabio Carniel Area: Italy Genre: Disco
I suppose the clue is in the name. Lotsa Classics in this selection by our italian regular Mr Fabio. Vinyl only of course in all its scratchy glory
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Ben Dorling @ NYC Downlow

Dj: Ben Dorling Area: London Genre: Disco/Soul
Ben is that beautiful exception of a soundman with impecable music taste, that is why the soundsystem at Downlow sounds so Fat! Ben is an
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Luke Howard – Live @ NYC Downlow 2013

Dj: Luke Howard Area: London Genre: Disco
Luke rules the House of NYC Downlow like the fierce mother that she is. Not only that but her flair for mixing classic disco and sending the dancefloor
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Greg Belson – Live @ NYC Downlow 2013

Dj: Greg Belson Area: Los Angeles  Genre: Gospel-Disco
For the Sunday session at the NYC Downlow 2013, DJ Greg Belson from Los Angeles made his debut set for the Block 9 family, armed with a box
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Greg Wilson – Live at Loft Studios 2012

Dj: Greg Wilson Area: London Genre: Disco-Soul
This is part of an 8 hour set Greg did in 2012 at the Loft studios in London for the “A night with…” club night. As usual expect quality selection and
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Bill Brewster – Road To Cleethorpes Pier

Dj: Bill Brewster Area: London Genre: Soul
Mr Brewster did this mix for a show in NZ, with his favourite Northern Soul groovers, including some modern Soul in there for good measure. This
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Nacho – Broken Hearts Club

Dj: Nacho Area: London Genre: Soul/Blues
Nacho has done this little mix to uplift the souls of those who have passed this last St Valentine’s Day broken hearted or alone. A personal
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James Hillard – I ♥ Buying Records in U.S #2

Dj: James Hillard Area: London Genre: Disco
James is a Globe Trotting Dj with Horse Meat Disco and happens to visit New York fairly often, and comes back with a treasure trove of Disco Gems
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