Moz Art, Coccolutto and Fabio @ DiscoInn

Dj: Fabio Carniel Area: Italy Genre: Laidback
Downlow regular Fabio Carniel runs a club in Modena and last December had a pretty special night doing a b2b with none less than Dj Moz Art
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Fabio – House for the Summer

Dj: Fabio Carniel Area: Italy Genre: Laidback
While we might be wallowing in mud this week at Glastos, Fabio  will be in a beach in italy playing this sort of stuff. Great music to float about
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Fabio – Amarissimo Beach Mix

Dj: Fabio Carniel Area: Italy Genre: Laidback
Fabio has a residency on the beach in Amarissimo Lido Di Savio in Ravenna, italy. We are not jealous at all. Just close your eyes (ignore the rain and
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Fabio – Graffio 30 Years Anniversary Mix

Dj: Fabio Carniel Area: Italy Genre: 80s
Fabio started playing records in the 80s in his hometown of Modena in a club called Graffio. And 2 weeks ago they had an anniversary party inviting
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Fabio – The Edit and Re-mix Mix 2

Dj: Fabio Carniel Area: Italy Genre: Disco
Fabio comes back with volume 2 of his classics re-edited and remixed series. this mixes are a way of thanking those new artists creating
Edits and remixes of old dancefloor Classics, injecting those great trackswith a touch of the 21st century and fattening them up for the modern soundsystem. Edits, remixes and re-releases of Disco, Soul and Funk galore in this mix, keeping a fast pace. Pure dancefloor stuff.

1 pleasure – take a chance -the bobby busnach extend your pleasure
2 Gloria Gaynor – (If You Want It) Do It Yourself
3 the real thing you mean everything to me
4 Earth Wind & Fire – Brazillian Rhyme DK Re-edit
5 chic-good time
6 Eruption Can’t Stand the Rain
8 Pleasure Joyous
9 Christy Essien YOU CANT CHANGE A MAN
10 Wardell Piper THE POWER OF LOVE
12 Maze Feat Frankie Beverly – Joy And Pain
14 War Wold Is a Ghetto.
15 love handgover joey negro

Check more of Fabios mixes and past work below:

www.discomix.it or


About Fabio:

I began as a dj at 15 years old, in 1977, when the myth of the dj and disco music was bursting. In 1986 I opened my record store with Cristina “Disco Inn”, and from 1986 till 1998 we managed the Italian Branch of DMC, Disc Mix Club, that in Italy alone has ammased over 700 djs, organizing every year the Italian DJ Competition. With DMC, these djs have become famous in Italy and abroad. Like Andrea Gemolotto, Zappala Francesco, Claudio Coccoluto and Daniele Davoli.In 1996 the DMC Italia/Disco Inn became the first country outside of England to organize the World DJ DMC Champion, in Rimini during the NIGHTWAVE. In 1988 I produced my first record along with DJ Herbie “Atomico” and “Atomic House”, the second one with the collaboration of the musician Marco Bongiovanni former bass player of Gaznevada. In 1989 with our label Wicked & Wild we signed the first single “Think About” as DJ H featuring Stefy to “Perfecto/Bmg ” with the help of Paul Oakenfold. In 1990 we entered the English charts. With the following singles ‘I Like It’ and ‘Come On Boy’, (also remixed by Larry Levan) we reached the Top 10 of the Japanese charts and thus began a great era……the nineties!. In 1991 I released and distributed, along with co-editor Daniele Boagno and graphic producers De Mitri-Di Gioia, Disco Mix, the very first Italian DJ Fanzine of Dance/House Music. It is still one of the most read fanzines amongst djs, record producers and record managers. In 1993 we produced Playahitty – “The Summer Is Magic”, that reached Top Ten Charts all around the World. In 1996 we signed for Italy ‘I Love America’ from the UK hit duo Full Intention. The next step was the opening of two further records stores, one in Bologna and one in Riccione. Then other two important persons became part of my team: Sergione and Dan Mela that were universally known for the own productions.

About that time I started to create and coordinate several labels for my dj-friends: the trio Claudio Coccoluto, Savino Martinez and Dino Lenny started The Dub Records with the fantastic release ‘Belo Horizonti’ by The Heartists (that was licensed by Basement Jaxx label (Atlantic Jaxx) and remixed by David Morales for Virgin; then was the time of Crossover Records with the production of Alex “Party” Natale and the releasing of Gloria Gaynor single ‘Oh What A Life’; later came the new experience with PastaBoys (DJ Uovo, DJ Rame and Dino Angioletti) with the PastaBoys and ManoCalda labels: on that label came productions from Andrea Gemolotto, Mass Collective, Guido Nemola, Street Vibes, Flavio Vecchi, Sicania Soul, plus several club hits by Pasta Boys (we licensed ‘Let The Sunshine In ‘ to SONY UK). From a collaboration with Dan Mela (Streetvibes) and Andrea Gemolotto came out ‘Walking’, released with Sony. Then Dan Mela and I opened StreetVibes US (distribuited worldwide by NorthCott Distribuition) .More recently our US releases are distributed by Unique (MANOCALDA US) and among these ‘Limit’ and ‘Body Resonance’ by PastaBoys are the latest ones. Other collaboration was the personal creation of a label for Andrea Gemolotto Stordisco).xxxxxx Then a production created as Par-T-One, ‘I’m So Crazy’ brought a nomination for the Dance Music Award in 2002 (released in UK with DMI/Credence and in US through Subliminal). Another club hit with Sergione called 3rd Face was ‘Canto della Liberta’, licensed in England by Classic with remixes by Derrick Carter.xxx Another two labels of mine were Nu-Tella and Magneti Marelli, where, along with Dino Lenny, I released ‘Call Me’ a crossover released by Dino that became one of the most played records on the Italian Radios, and ‘Bucci Bag’ by Andrea Doria (licensed in UK on Southern Fried and in Germany on Kontor and US on Star 69. At the end of 2004 Cristina and me decided to leave Disco Inn store management to Sergione, Mela and Erik to dedicate to new project. Currently we are releasing several dance and pop productions, keeping in with the PastaBoys management for ManoCalda, managing Wicked And Wild Records, Dirty House .Us and Blackmoon are coming out with a production of Ricky L feat Mick, ‘Born Again’, that is going to be released in the Summer 2006 on Ministry of Sound (UK) Happy Music (Fra) and Time Records (Italy)add news Pastaboys make a great mix of Born Again printed on Mano calda US now signed for UK and France xxxxxxxxxA Pastaboys new e.p. on Defected after a brillant remix of Ame , we signed Pastaboys in the UK , including Body resonance and Limit.

Fabio – The Edit and Re-mix Mix

Dj: Fabio Carniel Area: Italy Genre: Disco
Fabio wants to thank all of the artists that have been busy of late creating Edits and remixes of old dancefloor Classics, injecting those great tracks
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Fabio – Classic!!

Dj: Fabio Carniel Area: Italy Genre: Disco
I suppose the clue is in the name. Lotsa Classics in this selection by our italian regular Mr Fabio. Vinyl only of course in all its scratchy glory
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Fabio – Just Old Friends Mix

Dj: Fabio Carniel Area: Italy Genre: Disco
Disco as it was as it back in the days of Larry Levan and Paradise Garage, and we are not just saying that. Check some of the Gems on this
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Fabio – Disco Inn

Dj: Fabio Carniel Area: Italy Genre: Disco
Fabio has been around the wheels of steel, for a long while and has developed an uncanny talent to mix the old jams, that we love and miss
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Fabio – Jam Hot Mix

Dj: Fabio Carniel  Area: Italy  Genre: Funk
I love Vinyl records. I find old 45 rpm reccords, and mix them together, creating an evening that reflects my soul in music, always keeping in mind
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